About Us

Our company, founded in 2011, is the continuation of a long-standing family-owned business. Our professional group has been providing full service of building construction for wide range of our clients for over 12 years. Our business profile includes the qualitative construction, as well as the complete transaction of the interior architectural design, the complete technical tasks and also inclusive of the furniture manufacturing of the given work. During the period of planing we are also providing assistance for our clients.

Among our references the construction of some elegant shops, banks, office buildings in the downtown can be found as well as the building, transformation or renovation of family houses.

The mason, painting, tiling and decorating jobs are made by our own professional team. For the building engineering and electrician works professional sub-contractors are available at our service.

Our major guidelines invariably since the foundation are principally the outstanding quality of our work, the creativity and to follow up and apply advanced constuction technologies and materials.

The motto of our company is: not only compete in prices but do exceptional in quality.


Mészáros Zsolt - Managing Director

Telefon: +36-20-997-0814
Tel./Fax: +36-62-644-895

Post Address:
Május 1. u. 54/A, 6772 Deszk, Hungary

E-mail: zsolt.meszaros@m-perfecthome.hu


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